New tools for WDC and Toshiba hard drives

Author : | 10.11.2016

Recently two new sets were added to lineup of the ER-Tools heads replacement tools. The first set is designed for 2,5″ Toshiba hard drives with three platters, and the second set is designed for 3,5″ WDC from Vivaldi family with five platters.

As always both sets are include three tools. It’s are two identical tools for replacement the heads from the ramp, and one tool which helps to unstick the heads from the surface of platters.

The list of compatible models of hard drives is available on the catalog page. At this moment it includes only models which are were tested in reality. At the earliest opportunity, the list will be updated.

4 thoughts on “New tools for WDC and Toshiba hard drives

  1. andreas wach

    Hello, I’m very interested in your tools and would like a price list.
    I wish you a nice day.
    Greetings from Marburg / Germany

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hi Andreas, i answered by email.

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Marco, check your email.

      To ALL. Guys please don’t ask about price here, send request to

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