pc3kalign-main-windowPc3kAlign it’s a simple and useful tool which helps to align PC-3000 windows at your desktop. The program will find up to eight PC-3000 windows, and will fill by them an entire workarea of the selected display, according with used ports. It means, for example, the window of task with SATA0 port will be always first, the window of task with next used port – like SATA1 – will be second, and so on. If you have two displays or more, you also may to choose which one of them will be preferred.

So with Pc3kAlign all PC-3000 windows are always before your eyes, and no one important event during data recovery will be missed. If you’ll keep staring on them of course. 😀

1. Short functions description

This function searches PC-3000 windows and aligns them to the selected display according layout scheme (see Layout below).

It’s similar to Align, but also cyclically moves array of the windows to the right.

It’s similar to Align too, but also changes layout scheme for current number of windows. When you call Align or Shift, they are will work according selected layout scheme. To change layout cheme the number of windows should be two or more.

2. Supported PC-3000 platforms

PC-3000 Udma-E, PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 SAS, PC-3000 Flash

3. Compatible OS

Windows 7 x32/x64

4. Download

Pc3kAlign.zip (540 kB)
Please note what Pc3kAlign requires Administrator privilegies. So if in your operating system the User Account Control (UAC) is turned on, you can simply turn it off, or try to add Pc3kAlign to the exceptions list with Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.